Linking Parliamentary Records through Metadata

Catalogue of Historical Parliamentary Records


This interface provides access to 12 years' of data from the Westminster and Stormont House of Commons proceedings from 1921. This data comprises manually-created records in Parliamentary Metadata Language (PML), in which every component of the PML record (all of which are optional) is present - they resemble the sample file provided under the PML Schema menu option, which demonstrates every feature of the PML schema. The intensive, manual markup required to produce these records limited the total amount to these 12 years.

When searching any phrase, be sure to put your search term in inverted commas, for instance "Craig, James"

The sites which PML index are Hansard 1803-2005 and The Stormont Papers Online.

Example Searches

To illustrate the type of searches which this interface now allows (which had not previously been possible on the pre-existing Westminster and Stormont sites, try the following:-

  1. search for James Craig, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland 1921-1940 who was also a Westminster MP: the interface shows his contributions to both Parliaments and you can filter the results to produce sophisticated pictures of his career in both
  2. a search on agriculture reveals extensive debates in both Parliaments and considerable overlap of concerns and issues